About Us



Founded in 2013, Boaz Energy II, LLC is a Midland, Texas based private oil and gas company with an operational focus in the Permian Basin of West Texas and New Mexico. Our mission is to "glean" the fields by recovering additional oil and gas reserves.

Formula for success: Rise Early, work hard, strike oil. - J.Paul Getty

Boaz is actively pursing additional acquisition opportunities of both producing and non-producing properties. A valued partnership with Natural Gas Partners provides Boaz with ample access to capital and the ability to close large transactions in relativlty short time frames.

Boaz has unique expertise and operational experience in the fields of hydraulic fracturing and secondary and tertiary oil recovery methods with over 80 years of combined industry experience.



Boaz has a well-rounded team with a solid track record of acquiring and exploiting opportunities in the Permian Basin.

Learn about the driven professionals who call Boaz Energy II, LLC home.