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Royalty Relations

Do you have questions about royalties from Boaz Energy II, LLC? Find answers to the most commonly asked questions here.

Does Boaz offer direct deposit or electronic funds transfer? + -

Yes. Please download the Paperless Program Enrollment Form, Direct Deposit Authorization and W-9. Return all three forms along with a copy of a voided to check to the address provided.

When are royalty checks mailed? + -

Checks are mailed around the 8th of each month. A check is issued when the owner's account has a balance of at least $100, except when state law directs otherwise. IRS 1099 statements are issued by January 31st.

What should I do if I haven't received my check? + -
If you do not receive your check by the first business day of the following month please contact us at
What should I do if I have questions regarding my check detail? + -
Please contact us at or by phone at 432-253-7074.
How do I notify Boaz of an address change? + -

You may submit a letter to our Midland, Texas address with your name, Owner ID, old address, new address, telephone number and your tax ID or social security number.

Boaz Energy II, LLC Address Change Form

How do I transfer my interest to another party? + -
Boaz requires a copy of the recorded assignment or deed which conveys your ownership to another party. This conveyance document must be recorded in the county realty records where the properties are located. Boaz also requires an IRS form W9 from the new owner(s).   Transfer of Interest Information
What if an owner has died? + -

Please notify Boaz immediately by phone or email at when an owner has died regardless of whether the account is in the name of one individual person, a husband & wife, multiple owners, or a trust. Include the date of death and owner ID if known.

How do I transfer the ownership of a deceased owner to their heir or beneficiaries? + -

To transfer ownership from the decedent to his/her heirs or beneficiaries, Boaz may require a copy of one or more of the following documents: Death certificate, Last Will & Testament, Order admitting the will to probate, Letters Testamentary, a deed from the personal representative of the estate to the heirs or the Final Order or decree of distribution.


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